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Countless studies have shown the increased performance and improved health of well rested people. The solution may not be just trying to get more hours in bed. A smarter solution is getting better quality, more restful sleep while you are in bed.


Here are some statistics that may suprise you, According to the National Institutes of Health:

Up to


People suffer with sleep disorders


out of 10

Americans experience sleep problems

Lack of proper rest
can cause up to

% decreased

poductivity at work

Drowsy driving
leads to more than

k accidents

each year

Get the sleep you deserve!

Dr. James Tuggle: The Man Behind the Supplement.

Common Sleep Related Questions

Every night I work late on my computer until I am ready to sleep, but then I can't fall asleep?
Artificial light has shown some effects in suppression of Melatonin (a hormone that regulates sleep cycle) which can disrupt healthy sleep and have many other negative short and long term health effects. Make sure you keep the artificial light to a minimum before bedtime and allow your body to produce melatonin so that you can naturally fall asleep.

I wake in the middle of the night, my mind is just racing and I can't fall back to sleep.
A great tool for waking in the middle of the night with you mind racing is to keep a notebook and pen/pencil by your bedside. Journal the racing thoughts in your mind and once they are on paper many times you will find that you can then go back to sleep.

I go to bed at a routine time, some nights I fall to sleep and others I just can't seem to. Is there something that can help?
Avoid artificial light such as computers, TVs, tablets, etc. Another tip, try a warm shower before bedtime. The body temperature naturally drops at night and by taking the shower and cooling off, it mimics this natural phenomena and can help you fall asleep.

The Benefits of Estrella PM

Estrella PM is a physician designed combination of a well studied sleep hormone and all natural herbal formula, using only the highest quality of ingredients.

All Natural

As one of the only ALL NATURAL sleeping dietary supplement, it is non-habit forming.

Stay Asleep

One or two capsules will support a healthy nights sleep.


Estrella PM's natural herbal formula won't leave you with morning grogginess.

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DIRECTIONS: Adults take one or two (1-2) capsules at bedtime. Don’t exceed 2 capsules in a 24 hour period Keep bottle tightly closed. Store in a cool, dry place.
WARNING: Pregnant and lactating woman should consult a physician before using product. If you have an allergic reaction, please discontinue use and consult a physician. Do not mix with medications with sedative properties. Please consult a physician if you are on any medication or have any serious conditions before taking this supplement.


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"It works. I take it on the way home after a game. Then I can sleep!"

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"After menopause, my sleep went downhill. It is amazing how much better I feel and sleep since taking this product."

-Christie H

Sam F

"Business travel always affects the quality of my sleep. Estrella PM has helped my sleep even when traveling."

-Sam F

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